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ZH-100 Automatic Cartoning machine

Instruction and features:
ZH-100 Automatic Cartoning machine applies to the encase packing of blisters, vials, cosmetics, poker and similar stuff. This machine can fold leaflet, open carton and insert stuff with leaflet into cartons, printing batch number and close carton automatically.
This machine adopts horizontal configuration, PLC control system, photocell detector installed in each station enables stable running. If there is anything wrong with the machine, it can stop automatically and display the troubles so as to solve them in due time. The machine can be singly used or linked with blister packing machine to form a production line.
Stop automatically if the packed product does not go to the right position;
Stop automatically if there is no carton, continues lack of instruction manual or no product;
 It is convenient to change different specification;
Overloading protecting for main drive;
PLC will automatically display the speed and count the finished product;
PLC will automatically display trouble, stop the machine and alarm, and display the operation and maintaining ways;
Automatically eliminate the plate that lacks of packed matter or operation manual.

Main technical parameter:

Power supply

AC 380V 50Hz Triphase 4 lines

Total power



50-90 Box/min

Folder speed

50-90 Box/min

Air consumption

20m3/h (pressure 0.5-0.7mpa)

Packing material


Weight: 250-350g/m2

Max. size: 200*90*60mm

Min. size: 70*20*15mm

Operation manual

Paper weight : 55-65g/m2

Max. size: 260*190mm(L*W)

Min. size: 100*100mm(L*W)

Overall dimension

3300*1350*1650 (L*W*H)




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