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NJP-3200 Fully Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

Instruction and features:

The machine is designed and further improved on the base of original full automatic capsule filling machine from both home and aboard. With high technology and exclusive performance, it has reached international leading level. It is an ideal equipment for capsule and medicine in pharmaceutical industry which is in full compliance with GMP requirements.
It adopted PLC programmable controller, stepless frequency inverter, man-machine interface to operate and touch screen display. With fault or lack of material, the machine will automatically alarm and shut down, and eliminate automatic alarm after troubleshooting.
All the key pieces of the drive shaft and the camshaft for the machine are adopting the imported materials.

Good-looking appearance, exquisite workmanship, eases of operation, simplicity of use.
Filling seat and measuring plate are designed as one unit to make measuring plate and filling rod without deviation, avoid friction between filling rod and measuring plate, improve its precision, furthermore, it enhances the machine’s life greatly.
Ineligible capsule can be eliminated automatically, the medicine in the capsule can be recycled and be reused, thus it can improve greatly the economic efficiency.

Stable in running, safe and reliable
Capsule entering accuracy >99.5%, with precise dosage
With frequency converter, PLC control
New structure, conform to GMP requirement

Main Technical Specifications:

Model NJP-3200        
Filling dosage Powder, Pellets, Tablet
Capsule size Capsule 00# -5#/Safety capsule A-E
Max.output (granule/min) 3200
Power 220V 50Hz 7.62KW
Noise index <80dBA
Overall dimension (mm)  1375*1345*2000
 Weight (kg) 1500

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