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FB Electric Magnetic Induction Sealing Machine

Them machine is a new medium and high grade product which is on the basis of various economic cold-wind sequence electric-magnetic sensing aluminum foil sealing machines. It is a high-tech product that contains sensing heater technique, microcomputer technique and mechanical-electrical integration techniques. The main features as follows:

1. Strong magnetic factory is product by sensing heat loop. backing on good cold-wind radiator. Prolong the heater journey of single loop. The magnetic heat efficiency is better than economic concentric circular sensing heater loop. So the sealing efficiency is better and the sealing speed is faster.
2. Adopts modern switch power supply. The power can be adjustable. So the sealing efficiency won't change with the changing of electrical net and burden.
3. The transfer which is steady step-less timing adopts senior alternating current timing electric motor. It prolongs the life of electric motor. The fixed line speed won't change with the changing of burden.
4. Intellective conveyer belt is sensing heat. When start heating, the conveyer belt will start up. When stop heating, magnetic heating,. The conveyer belt will stop working automatically.
5. Autonomic test protect function: Main power supply conk out and superheating, the sound and light will give an alarm and stop working, The whole operation course is monitor and control by microcomputer.
6. Full-intellective cold-wind carry off heat. When put through the power supply and don't heat, cold-wind system will stop after several minutes. The cold- wind system will be work all the time in the course of heating. Stop heating,the cold-wind system will stop working so the high efficiency compel cold- wind system can be applied every time and everywhere.

Main Technical Specifications:
Electric Source: 220V 50/60Hz
Production Capacity: 0 ~ 200bottles/min
Sealing Bottle Height: 20~ 180mm
Sealing Diameter: Φ15 ~ 45mm , 30 -60mm
Overall Size: 805x310x 330mm
Weight: 33kg

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