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KG series Electric screwing cap machine

Instruction and feature:
Lid-revolving and sealing is an important working procedure after filling bottle.
A. We usually adopt automatic lid-revolving machine. However the price of automatic lid-revolving machine is 30000-100000RMB/per machine, we only adopt manual lid-revolving machine to the department of small amount production, then in order to waste capitals.
B. It is difficult to guarantee the homogenous degree of looseness or tightness due to the influence of various workers’ sex, age, health, and working time while lid-revolving, at the same time, it may cause to blow-by, exudates, mild and rot for packing bottles.
C. Our factory has solved this problem; the hand held electric lid-revolving machine consisted of body of lid-revolving machine, revolving head and multi-gear transformer. The head of lid-revolving covers the top of bottle’s lid; lid-revolving is connecting with body of machine. When you press the switch then the revolving head will rotate, it will take 0.3-0.5 seconds to rotate the bottle to reach tightness required.
D. The tightness or looseness of capacity should be adjusted cap gun body with the nut of pitch strand; therefore it is easy to ensure product quality. This machine adopts voltage of 220v; crust of transformer must touches with the land in case electrification.
E. The transfer has three timing gears, the user can choose suited gear according to the size of pitch strand, hand held electric lid-revolving machine has strong applicability, which is suited for the bottle"s lid of 10mm-50mm and fengyoujing bottle lid, some factories use the hand held electric lid-revolving machine instead of autonomic lid-revolving machine in order to save capitals, and obtain good efficiency.

Main technical parameter:
1: Power supply: 220v 50Hz
2: Output voltage: 36v, 28v, 20v
3: Output current: 0.6A
4: Production capacity: 30-60bottles/min
5: Diameter of spinning lid: 10-50mm
6: Container height: limitless
7: Overall dimension: 180 x110x 95mm3
8: Net weight: 3kg

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