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YG Pneumatic Screwing Cap Machine

The machine is convenient for bring, and it isconvenient to screw tight or loose all kinds of bottle caps. The adjustable clutch can efficiently avoid the bottle cap will be damaged and reduce the inner stopper abrasion. Once the bottle cap is screwed tighten, the clamp can auto stop rotary, it shows that you can go on the next step. The buyer can also purchase the bracket, and then the screwing machine can be easy to operate more.
Main Technical Specifications:
Screwing cap range: 5 -30mm , 30 -90mm ;
Screwing speed: about 30bottles/min;
Net weight: 0.6kg / 1.1kg
Air pressure: > 4.5kg /cm 2 ; 6.2kg /cm 2 ;
Air consumption: 0.08m 3 /min
Quick speed joint: 1/4inch

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