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DG series electric capping machine

Our company produce different kinds of electric capping and full auto capping for aluminum cap which are the ideal capping equipment for hospital, medical factory, institute. The products can meet different requirements.
When using the machine, the rolling wheel rotates but the bottles don't rotate. And then can avoid the broken bottle to have some accident. It is safe and reliable.
The rolling wheel has big strength, anti-abrasion; its using life is long. The capping bottle aluminum capping has good sealing function.
The machine cover and protecting cover is stainless steel. The surface is novel, beautiful and the complete machine design is reasonable and light.

Main Technical Specifications:

Capping speed: 24-30bottles/min
Motor power: 25W-250W (single machine 220V)
Overall size (LxWxH): 300x200x 350mm 415x180x 580mm
Weight: 8~ 40kg
Electric Capping Machine: DG-1, DG -1A , DG-2, DG-2P, DG-3
Full Auto Capping Machine:
QDG-1, QDG -1A , QDG-1B, QDG -2A , QDG-2P, QDG-3
Multi-functional Capping Machine: QSG
“ 1” for Oral Liquid Aluminum Cap;
“ 1A ” for 2ml aluminum cap;
“ 2” for antibiotic bottle aluminum cap;
“2P” for spraying tube aluminum cap;
“ 3” for transfusion bottle aluminum cap.

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