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Instruction and features
A. This machine is a type of stable and reliable product, which is suited for filling and sealing standard ampoule and heterogeneous ampoule.
B. This machine can be used as single machine or joint in production line, it becomes the more perfect that our factory carried out again a series of progress in technology and material choice during these years.
Main progress as follows:
(a): The part of gap movement to convey bottles adopts the linear rod with stainless steel and high quality sliding sleeve.
(b): Adopting arbor in the part of conveying bottles.
(c): Avoid some phenomenon of locking bottles or broken bottles after increasing longer in distance of continuous conveying bottles.
(d): Frequency speed control is best suited for this machine to produce different products.
(e): There are four types of machine model which the costumers make a choice according to the different ampoule output or specification.

Main technical parameter
1:Model: ALG6/1-2 ALG6/5-20 ALG4/1-2 ALG4/5-20
2:Power supply: 220V-50Hz
3:Specification 1-2ml 5-20ml 1-2ml 5-20ml
4:Power: 0.55kw
5:Output:( ampoules/h): 9000-11000 9000 6000-7000 6000
6:Weight: 200-300 kg
7:Fuel or dosage: gas 3-3.5m3/h
8:Gas combustion to support: oxygen
9:Overall dimension(mm): 1350 x500 x1200 1600 x700 x1250 1450 x950 x1300 1450 x950 x1300


Instruction and features:
A. This machine is a type of improved product of tradition ampoules sealing machine. B. We have overcome the previous problems by combing the two parts of machine into one Therefore we no longer need the “temporary connect and insert the pump to the pipe for additional gas combustion to support and enable turntable arrangement in initial starting phase”. The following is still required:
(a): Connect gas or petroleum then adjust switch for supporting combustion gas.
Positive results
(b): Focus flame can be easily set to meet average temperature required.
(c): After heating the ampoule bottle it will rotate slowly in the turntable.
(d): As the focus flame which is set has heated the bottle neck to a pliable state, then it will crimp the neck of the bottle sealing it and the nipping any excess material away: it will leave a bright and smooth in finish. C. This new machine is quiet while working, the speed of sealing is fast and easy to setup for production. Its design is simple and open for ease of inspection: the arrangement of setup makes the process of rotating and depositing bottles into create for removal and caring to another location simple and easy.
The new Ampoule Sealing Machine is best suited for hospital, small medicine factory, science research units, and biological liquid manufacturing. Please note costumers that this machine which is unequaled anywhere in the word is at present only produced in our factory in this Nation.

Main technical parameter:
1.Model No: RF-1
2.Applicable specification: 1-20ml
3.Production capacity: 600-800 unit/h
4.Net weight: 3.2kg
5.Voltage: 220V
6.Power: 7w
7.Gas pressure :≥ 0.4kpa 8.Pressure of combustion supporting:≥0.04kpa
9.Volume of packing (L x M x H) 300 x180 x350mm

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