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Hand held Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine



Instruction and features:
A. This machine is a type of heating equipment with portable and electromagnetic induction.
(a): It can seal the bottles strictly in such trades as pharmacy, chemical industry, pesticide, foods, cosmetic and light industry.
(b) This machine can seal these bottles that are made of the polythene polypropylene, polystyrene, polyester and glass bottles. But it can’t apply to seal metal bottles, metal bottles lids and painting lid of electrified aluminum.
B. This machine adopts advanced oversea circuitry and also chooses the latest modularize power device, this power device can saves more electricity than the ordinary valve heater.
(a): The rate of speed reaches more than 90% and speed is 20-30 times of quicker than the valve heater.
(b): Therefore this machine is not only suited for sealing bottles with better thermal characteristics, polythene and polypropylene bottles, but get an excellent sealing effect for glass bottles.

Main technical parameter:
1: Output Power: 500w
2: Power supply: 220v 50Hz
3: Height of container: immensity
4: Sealing speed: 0.9min/ bottle, (Dia 33mm, plastic bottle)
5: Adjustable time: 0.1-2.9min
6: Working form: controlling automatically
7: Overall dimension: 310 x300 x170 m
8: Weight: 5kg
9: Sealing size: diameter (10mm-120mm)
three different size as follows :Dia ( 10-60mm) ( 45-100mm),(75-120mm)

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